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present to you his excellency, the governor of the commonwealth of virginia, governor robert francis mcdonnell. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for that warm welcome, and welcome back. mr. speaker, mr. president, the justices of the supreme court of virginia, ladies and gentlemen of the general assembly and my gather in mr. capital for the annual state of the commonwealth address. the virginia general assembly has met in this billing now for 220 years. the speaker was a young boy during that first session. [laughter] next door, the executive mansion is the oldest continuously all of the nation. this year, we markets 200th anniversary. i want to thank the first lady and all of her team for promoting -- for their work in promoting this extraordinary history. thank you maureen, and all my [applause] tonight, we can been surrounded by our legislative history that started way back in 1690, ready to do our part to create a more perfect union, and to cement a strong foundation for vir
. maryland falls in the acc. a good one in blacksburg, virginia, today. final 20 seconds, hokies down one with the ball. he gets the hoop and the harm. virginia tech regains the lead. but guess what? he misses the free throw. wake forest has a final chance to win. c.j. harris isn't going to make it. also no good. virginia tech gets the rebound. time expires. the hokies hold on for the win. the virginia cavaliers hosting florida state. it is the cavaliers with an easy transition for virginia. all alone for the lay in. the cavaliers up 18, 33-15. not much would change in the second half. a dunk from mitchell here, but virginia goes on to win 56-36. paul hewitt and george mason were hosting the pride at the patriots center. first half, mason showing patience on the offensive side of things. takes it baseline. mason was up by 8 at the half. how about second half? off the turnover, vaughn, wins. another local score -- gw wins 79-76. >>> all right, off the wall is coming up. it's tradition time. >> finally you make a prediction, and will we see the harbaughs fighting in the super bowl? >> i'm
of people digging out. not around here. in richmond, virginia, almost 5 inches of snow fell. more than 100,000 people in central and southwestern virginia waking up without power. >> the sky overhead here is all clear, though. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein now with a look at your forecast. tom, good morning. >> it was a near miss. there's capitol hill under a clearing sky on this friday morning. it is turning colder. here's what it looked like yesterday afternoon right around 6:00 p.m. we had these areas in white. heavy snow just west of richmond, southwestern virginia, western north carolina, eastern tennessee. this was the area that got the heaviest snows. in fact, as the day progressed, they ended up with some places up to 14 inches of snow there. then about 2 to 6 in a band across central and southern virginia. maybe even as far north as parts of the lower eastern shore got a dusting to an inch there. around salisbury and ocean city. but we just had that storm passing about 50 miles per hour farther south anticipated yesterday. right now it's cold. in the 30s. most of the regi
mall to see history. one of the people who made the trek from virginia, the state capitol in virginia was henry marsh, a state democratic senator from virginia. in his official biography, senator marsh talks about walking miles to a one-room school in coastal virginia when he was growing up, and the yellow school bus filled with white school children passing him on the way to their new building. henry marsh grew up to be a civil rights lawyer. he worked for the independent congratulation of schools. in 1977, he became the first african-american mayor of richmond, virginia. he has served in the virginia state senate since 1992. only two active senators have served in that chamber longer than he has. senator marsh wanted to see the inauguration of this president on martin luther king day. mr. marsh is 79 years old. it seems unlikely that there will be an inauguration quite like this again any time soon. so for a day, henry marsh left behind the virginia state senate. the virginia state senate i should tell you stands at an even 20-20. it is equally divided, half republicans and half dem
a number of state of the state addresses. another one this evening, virginia gov. bob mcdonnell and his state of the commonwealth address. he announced a plan that would provide $3.10 billion in transportation funding, replacing the state gasoline tax with a sales tax increase. that is live in an hour-and-a- half. tonight, the 100th birthday anniversary gala taking place in washington for former president richard nixon. we will hear remarks from his daughters as well as former nixon administration secretary of state, henry kissinger. that will be live tonight at 8:30 p.m. eastern and over and c-span2. next, today's white house briefing with chick party who talked about the debt ceiling. he did not confirm news reports nomination for treasury secretary. earlier today from the white house. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for being here. i have an important personnel announcement to make. i am kidding. i will go to the ap. >> it has been widely reported that jack lew was the president's choice for commerce secretary. -- treasury secretary. [inaudible] >> let me say two t
the option for unscheduled leave or telework. in virginia, culpeper, king george, page stafford and spotsylvania counties are closed. the school systems. anne arundel county in maryland decided they will dismiss two hours early this afternoon. the motto this morning. take it easy on the roads. many streets look like this one here. with temperatures in the teens, the snow not plowed is now ice and that could make for a potentially dangerous commute to work this morning. isn't just drivers. people out on the sidewalks say they're worried about walking. >> what concerns me is the kids walking on the sidewalk. if you're in a good spin, you could go over the sidewalk and harm somebody. it's treacherous. >> vdot said it's their policy not to plow side streets unless the area receives 2 inches of snow or more. >>> let's see what we're in for today. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here. >> we've had had the clouds increasing. a snow event this afternoon. getting rather cloudy and a little visible through the high cloud cover. it is cold. right now, montgomery county only the l
in virginia. the farther south you go, the more snow you'll find. >>> and plows have been on the roads in the district, as well. we're seeing a lot of streets that look untouched. so far, no major problems inside the district on those interior streets. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. we have you covered on the roads all morning long. first, a long list of closings and delays to talk about. first, federal offices are open. employees do have the option for unscheduled leave or teleworker. the fairfax county -- telework. the fairfax county government is open with its unscheduled leave policy in place. >> as for the schools, fairfax, loudoun, alexandria city, manassas park city, and arlington counties in virginia are all on a two-hour delay now as are anne arundel, prince george's, montgomery, frederick, and carroll county schools in maryland. >> these county school system are closed today -- charles, calvert, st. mary's counties in maryland, winchester city, culpeper, stafford, orange, spotsylvania, prince william, fauquier, ra
in the washington area. take a look at this snowy mess in richmond, virginia. they're waking up to almost 5 inches of snow there. thousands of people lost power. appalachian power out in the western part of virginia reporting more than 70,000 customers without power. dominion reports about 2500 customers in the dark. meteorologist tom kierein is here. tom, what can we expect now that the snow missed us? >> it tracked 50 miles south and drew in drier air. the snow fell across central, southern virginia and around ocean city. it's ended there now. we're getting a few scattered flurries north and west of washington. right now in northern prince george's, southeastern howard county getting a few flurries as it carroll and frederick and parts of washington county. they're tending to dry out. these are the snow totals from last evening and yesterday afternoon. a dusting to an inch to near charlottesville. the amounts ramped up farther south and east. 2 to 6 inches there. the heaviest amounts were southwest of virginia into western north carolina. 8 to 14 inches of heavy wet snow there. right now, temper
. >> you have to drive start. take it easy on the roads. we checked kroorm in virginia, as well. you'll find many highways treated with salt, but streets could be slick around your neighborhood. >> that's right. another shot of conditions in maryland now. you'll want it give yourself plenty of extra time if you're headed out this early hour. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein's watching the conditions. what's going on? >> the only reason the streets are wet is because they've been treated with a lot of salt. elsewhere, all of the road temperatures are well below freezing. any snow that fell stuck. and it is slick. watch out. untreated surfaces are very slick. some of the heaviest snow we had, actually southern maryland, northern neck of virginia. this narrow band there. unloaded an inch to two inches of snow parts of the northern neck, into st. mary's county, lower eastern shore. now locally we're just getting lingering snow showers and flurries in areas in gray and white across northern virginia and into the nearby suburbs in maryland. it's going to be with us here perhaps for a
continue to track the snow south of here through central virginia, might be clipping southern maryland and over to the eastern shore. we'll start with radar. that precipitation did not make it into d.c. it barely made it into charles county. it is skimming across interstate 95 south of fredericksburg. you may see a brief changeover in st. mary's county and lower southern calvert to put down maybe a coating in a couple spots. to the beaches it's trying to change inland from rehoboth beach in ocean city. you might see a brief change over there, but the whole thing is pulling over there. sun will be back in the morning. let's show you where it did accumulate. it was all through central virginia, down through south carolina which has been really hit hard with rain. how much piled up down here? enough to shovel if it doesn't melt. it piled up on the roads in richmond quickly, 1 to 3 down there, in the darker blue 2 to 4, but southwestern virginia i did see spots ranging from 7 to 11 inches all pulling out later tonight. beyond this the headline will be if you're traveling down to t
. in this area closest advisories are in charles county, maryland and the northern neck of virginia where you may get heavier snow than we'll see here. headlines with the southern track system. evening light rain mixing with light snow south of d.c. there will be nothing of significance from d.c. north. anything to cause problems. we'll watch temperatures overnight. we think it will be dropping below freezing. there could be slick spots where you get accumulation which will be down south. there is a lot of cold air on the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that in moments. >>> down south they are preparing. karen is live in fredericksburg tonight. >> reporter: fredericksburg is on the cusp of where a band of snow is expected. it has mostly been raining much of the early afternoon and evening. it has tapered down to almost nothing. which could mean this is the calm for before the storm. for now v-dot has 35 salt trucks on 95 just so they can be ready when the first few snowflakes come down. a few miles north of here in stafford county v-dot cranked up the action around 3:00 at the salt distribut
schools in virginia, two hours late. montgomery, fairfax, loudoun also two hours late this morning. >> that's right. we've also got stafford and king george county schools, as well as charles county schools in maryland -- >> and st. mary's -- >> st. mary's in maryland closed. that's at the bottom of the screen. keep your eye down there. right now tom kierein is here to bring us up to speed on the forecast. >>> visibility have dropped in the last few minutes . live, fluffy snow coming down. we're getting a band you see on storm team 4 radar. you see the snow is breaking up. where you see the brighter whites, that's where it came down harder. there was a streak of moderate to heavy snow briefly in southern charles, into st. mary's where they got a quick couple of inches out of that. but most of the northern neck had about an inch. around the metro area, we've had about a quarter inch to about a half inch. we are just now getting these little areas where it's brighter. snow coming down harder, loudoun, arlington, fairfax, the district, prince george's county, frederick county getting
kierein. >> we do have a few flurries out here in west virginia. a few scattered sprinkles in southern maryland, parts of st. mary's county and across the bay near cambridge and south of there. northern neck maybe getting a few flurries. well, a few sprinkles and flurries moving into the mountains. right now temperatures around the beltway and in the nearby suburbs near freezing. reagan national at 39 and it's near 40 in southern maryland and right around the chesapeake bay, parts of the northern neck. farther west, though, there's milder air moving in ahead of that front producing the precipitation. it's up around 40 degrees in the mountains. hour by hour throughout the day, a lot of clouds by nn time. our temperatures into the upper 30s and a few scattered flurries. might see a few of them at 8:00, 9:00 this morning and during the afternoon maybe mixing with some sprinkles. we may get up around 40 degrees by mid-afternoon. sunrise 7:27. sunset at 4:57. that's the way it looks right now. >>> good morning. we have some breaking news on the roadways. we have an accident on the ramp to n
at reagan national. >>> and take it easy on the roads. checking the cameras in virginia, you'll find many main highways treated with salt, but streets could still be slick around your neighborhood. >>> another shot of conditions in maryland now. you'll want to give yourself plenty of extra time this early hour. >>> good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this thursday, january 24, 2013. we got word that federal offices will be open. >> we saw flames starting to fall in the d.c. metro region before 11:00 last night. it was heavy at times. this of the view from arlington overnight. some of our crews arriving in the late hours reported planes completely covered in snow. >>> it was snowing when we came in, starting to taper off now. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. tom? >> it's a dry snow, coming down since before 11:00 last night. a lot of it now tapering off. you see a little of the moon showing through. "atlanti there's lingering snow in the area. white areas, it's coming down harder in far southern parts of t
county and the panhandle of west virginia and much of western maryland. most of the shenandoah valley only the low 20s right now. some of the highlands in west virginia, down into the teens this morning. certainly our coldest morning in some time. as we get through the commute, it's going to stay in the 20s through 6:00, 7:00 this morning with a light wind. light winds during the afternoon, as well. we'll have lots of sunshine. by the noon hour, mid 30s and near 40 by early to mid-afternoon. sunrise, 7:27. sunset, 4:59. by sunset time, we'll be back to the mid 30s. another cold night tonight. a hometown forecast, that's coming up in ten minutes. now a look at traffic on this thursday morning. alexis davies is here. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. and good morning, everyone. still looking at a very light commute as you're traveling on the beltway this early morning hour. still dealing with that road closure, water main break here on route 355. two southbound lanes closed on wisconsin avenue between cumberland avenue and dorsett avenue. getting by with one lane there. else
president administered the oath of office to small groups of the newly elected senators, including virginia's tim kaine. congratulations, senator. >> thank you. >> reporter: later, virginia's newest senator mingled with supporters at a reception. tim kaine, who worked with a republican dominated legislature as governor of virginia, said he's coming to the congress to build bipartisan bridges but with his eyes wide open. >> and that means over the next 60 days with a tipping -- on sequester and the debt ceiling, we have to continue to talk about budget and fiscal soundness. >> reporter: during campaign, you expressed confidence across the aisle. a majority of republicans on the house side did not vote for the compromise. >> it's a true majority didn't. but we haven't seen those votes coming out of the house and so i view that as a positive. >> reporter: good luck to tim kaine. virginia, brian s a particular swing state, although most of the house members in virginia are republican and they won solidly in the most recent two senate races, voters in virginia chose two democrats, tim kaine join
. but we begin with breaking news out of wie yit county, virginia -- wise county in virginia. witnesses say virginia state police and other law enforcement agencies are there on the campus responding to reports of a man wearing a ski mask and carrying a pistol. no reports of anyone being injured. but students have been told to hunker down until further notice. they were getting web updates. we'll bring you updated information as soon as we get it. but as we just told you, the lockdown at the university of virginia wise has just been lifted. >>> so here's something we haven't seen much of that winter. the snowplows are about to hit the streets in dc. whether you like it or not, snow is headed our way. nothing on the ground now, but that won't be the case when we wake up. topper is here to tell us how much we'll see. >> it's going to be a fluff any snow. clippers do not -- fluffy snow. clippers don't bring us a lot. we're look at the entire metro area under the winter weather advisory from midnight until 9:00 a.m. it's going to be a quick hitter. oddly enough this is going to be the case wher
to the hospital with minor injuries. >>> virginia republicans are flexing some serious muscle. days after the state senate passed a bill to box democrats out of their district, it would have handed mitt romney most of the commonwealth electoral votes. the gop power play. >> in a capital that once celebrated, politics have once again turned haball. >> they couldn't win it fair and square, so they'll try to win it this way. >> interesting, you're making news. i've heard that. >> a republican state senator from red and rural southwest, virginia, has introduced a bill that would scuttle the system that handed the commonwealth's 13 electoral votes to president obama. it would portion by congressional district. that would have given mitt romney nine votes and president obama just four. >> all those across virginia that actually came out and supported mitt romney felt they deserved that. >> this law, romney would have won virginia. even though he lost it by 150,000 votes. >> folks, this is the pack of pure bread republicans in the virginia state senate. >> the vote plan and a vote to ret
streets were snowy. some of our colleagues who live in northern virginia really had a tough time. lots of black ice and really some slick spots. you do have to be careful in regards to where you're coming from. but take a look here in suitland on pennsylvania avenue where right at the intersection of penn crossing drive right before silver hill road, you can totally see we're down to the pavement on the main road. however, here is the issue that you'll be dealing with in your morning commute when you're waking up and heading out of the house. a lot of these side streets here still snow packed. so you're going to have to add a little extra time to your commute and drive slowly on these side streets. let's take a look at some video that was shot just a few hours ago or so this early morning. we first went to silver spring and then hopped over to the district to take a look at conditions there. you can see some main roads were clear but again some snow packed side streets. so that is really the caution and the word of the morning is that you'll wake up, maybe surprised to see a little bit
trees. >>> some northern virginia drivers have their fair share of flooding issues. water forced crews to close several roads and even affected vre rail service. megan mcgrath shows us the problems. >> reporter: it was a lot of rain that fell. some places in northern virginia got two to three inches in just a couple of hours. the result, flash flooding and a tricky commute. owns and cops blocked all lanes of annandale road. it made it too tough for traffic. vre commuters found a similar problem on their way to the broad run station. the torrential rain caused the nearby creek to swap piper lane. folks had to turn around and use the station's other entrance. >> this is craziness. now i have to figure out how to get to work. >> reporter: are you late? >> yes. but hi no idea that we were so below the flood line here. >> it is okay. not as bad as a hurricane. >> reporter: the flooding didn't just impact roads. rails were also under water. vre's fredericksburg line had delays. at times up to 20 minutes. and concerns about flash flooding prompted csx to put speed restrictions in place. high
had a couple incidents on 95 in virginia. plan for extra time, take it slow. bridges, ramps, and overpasses especially. maryland you can see snow still coming down inside the beltway at connecticut avenue at bradley. near be to drive in this picture. it's better at some parts of the road. at 109 out of frederick on 270 in this picture. lanes are open. everyone needs to take it easy. no problems to report as far as incidents or accidents on the beltway. you might find snow. interstate 95 near the truck scales two separate accidents they are still working on. take it easy. back to you. >> thank you. the snow is making things worse for. sleds are in full supply, but handwarmers and space heaters are in demand. >> a reminder, you can get the weather any time with the stormwatch 7 app on your iphone or android. in a few the roads and the weather. >> an investigation under way into a deadly shooting in annapolis. it happened around 11:30 wednesday night in the 900 block of copland's street. a man was shot dead at the scene. we don't know what led to the shooting. police of not rel
. parts of southern and west virginia got quite a winter blast. good morning, washington. it's friday, january 18. there's no snow outside. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. glad to have you along. let's get to jacqui jeras to talk about the forecast for today. she is incognito. >> what are we looking for? >> for the weather forecast. >> adam caskey is over there. >> exchanges by the hour. look at the two of you hiding. >> these sunglasses will come in handy later today. i have quite a bit of confidence in that, just so you know. kind of a busted on this one. it did what we originally thought it was going if we had stuck with our guns. we're always on edge around here. it's one of those things you have to deal with. let's go ahead and show you the satellite and radar picture. you can kind of see the circulation of the area of low pressure on the southern end of that. you can see as it progresses through time it stays down to our south and shoots off to the east. it kept us out of the mix. everybody got faked out this time. it's 38 degrees right now in d.c., 35 at dulles, lots
toward knocksville and reaching into virginia. we have a look at the heavy snow that's coming down well south of us. this is where we expect it to be. it stayed south of baltimore. much more coming up. >>> now to the breaking news of anne arundel county executive john leopold. >> cheryl conner was in the courtroom as leopold's team made a big announcement about his misconduct trial. >> reporter: a big shift in the trial of anne arundel county executive john leopold. mr. leopold, do you feel you have a better chance here with a trial by judge? a surprise turn has leopold and his two defense attorneys opted for a trial by judge, not jury. this follow as lengthy process where over 300 people filled out questionnaires and about 100 perspective jurors were interviewed in person. >> i have no knowledge of anything. >> reporter: leopold is accused of misusing his executive security. the indictment alleges officers lied lookout while he had section in a vehicle and while he stole campaign signs and that all of it was done on county time with county tax dollars. >> i don't think so. i think this
wintry weather across calvert county into virginia. we thought some of this might creep closer to the d.c. area. even that, so far, has not happened. so there you g that is our -- go. that is our setup. with the system impacting the southern tip of the state, where is the action in the action is out here, toward charlotte, north carolina, actually asheville. the snow is coming down here. if you're a nascar fan, you know this spot, bristol, virginia. the wind is picking up, too. how will things shape up into your weekend is the question on everyone's mind. >>> some call politicians pitbulls. >> some politicians are facing pitbull owners who want the law changed. dog owners don't like being singled out. >> maryland legislators met for a new session to work out laws in response to the court of appeals ruling on dog attacks, more specifically, pitbull attacks. >> i think it's a pretty good compromise. looks leak most of the interested parties like -- like most of the interested parties like it as well. it's fair to victims, landlords and pet owners. >> reporter: it puts the burden back on t
a problem on 95 in virginia on the northbound side just north of dumfries near cardinal drive. a vehicle fire. the good news is the police are on the scenement looks like the fire is out and smoldering. might take a while to get it out of the way. the good news is things are moving by pretty quickly. ten-minute ride on northbound 95 from the occoquan to the beltway. the trains are all on time. >>> a traffic alert in fairfax county. westbound lanes of leesburg pike near the dulles toll road should be open again. they started construction on the pedestrian bridge which connects the spring hill metro station with businesses and homes on leesburg pike. work resumes next week. >>> today, president obama and afghan president hamid karzai will meet for the first time since president obama was re-elected. the leaders will discuss what the u.s.'s role in afghanistan will be when the war ends there next year. karzai had dinner last night with secretary of state hillary clinton. the meal came after the two had a private meeting. they also discussed the future afghanistan, including preparations for
in virginia during and after the storm. in it, it outlines specific things for verizon to check on. including having network systems that are reliable and conducting audits. verizon center improved since super storm sandy. >> and i think they made a lot of progress. fall, coming back and what technical changes they chase -- they face. >> verizon has a long road ahead. the next step is reviewing the scc's report and recommendation. >>> the 911 center in norfolk, virginia, doing fine. the operators received 91 frantic calls reporting a baby lion on the loose. to their surprise, the lion was charles the labradoodle. before officials figured that out, he sparked a lot of panic for residents. even the local zoo. >> norfolk 911, what is your emergency? >> i'm driving down the street before the zoo and there was a lion that ran across the street, a baby lion. >> at first, we all looked at each other, the zoo staff like could it be? >> oddly enough, this is not the first time charles is mistaken as a lion. the owners say that is the point. they specifically shaved him down to look like the mascot of
of that crash remains under investigation. >>> new legal problems for music star and virginia native chris brown. we'll tell you what he's accused of doing. >>> ahead, the victims of superb san -- superstorm sandy -- >>> we'll tell you the >>> that is the sound of cold rain falling in leesburg, virginia right now. it is freezing on some tree limbs and power lines because of the temperature. luckily right now, some of the areas above freezing, but we could see a messy morning commute. >> the black ice will sneak up on you. you never know if there's a spot not so great. take easy. lots of delays today. hopefully that won't be the case for a lot of folks. let's check in with tom kierein. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> it's the elevated surfaces. even though rain is falling, it's freezing up on tree limbs, power lines, the bridges and lamb f ramps, over passes. maybe your sidewalk and front step may be getting icy. in northern montgomery county, panhandle of west virginia. all the areas in pink getting the rain freezing up on elevated surfaces. where you see the green, it's generally above freezi
-hour delay. in virginia we have alexanderia arlington county, fairfax county, loudoun county, two- hour delay. our friends in west virginia, berkley, grant, jefferson and mineral all on two-hour delays. >> those are just added recently. the closure list right now we'll keep updating it but right now three in maryland. calvert, charles and st. mary's county, maryland all closed. here's the long list in virginia. these are all closed. king george's, stafford county, culpeper, frederick all closed. fauquier county, city of winchester, prince william county all closed. clark county, orange county, page county, rapahannock county all closed in virginia. federal government optional, telework. we're updating on so you can look there, too. >> monika will have traffic complications. it may be better since fewer people will be out early for schools. >> hov lanes are closed on 95. i'll have details on that. >> not good. >> howard, when will it end? >> next couple of hours. doesn't look like a bad day. it's the timing that hampered a lot of things. i think by mid-morning most of the roads due t
and the blue states were already pretty stark, wait until you hear what just happened in virginia. that's next. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >>> just a few days ago, the new cycle presented a rare opportunity for the politically savvy politician, the kind of opportunity that only comes around once a year, the opportunity that is the friday between christmas and new year's, the mother of all friday news dumps, right? if you are a political leader and you are looking to bury an unpleasant bit of business where nobody is going to notice it, there is probably no single better specific day to do it than on the friday between christmas and new year's. if you are governor bob mcdonnell of virginia, for instance, what better day to sign off on a measure designed to shut down the majority of your state's abortion cli
you hear what just happened in virginia. that's next. [ female announcer ] over every holiday season your mouth has been snacking, gift stacking, nutcracking and yellowing. because if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips remove over 10 years of stains, just in time for a white holiday. crest 3d white whitestrips. >>> just a few days ago, the new cycle presented a rare opportunity for the politically savvy politician, the kind of opportunity that only comes around once a year, the opportunity that is the friday between christmas and new year's, the mother of all friday news dumps, right? if you are a political leader and you are looking to bury an unpleasant bit of business where nobody is going to notice it, there is probably no single better specific day to do it than on the friday between christmas and new year's. if you are governor bob mcdonnell of virginia, for instance, what better day to sign off on a measure designed to shut down the majority of your state's abortion clinics. good timing, governor ultrasound. "the richmond times dispatch" describing their
newsroom. the west education campus in d.c. closed today because of a power outage. >> in virginia, culpeper, king george, page, stafford, spotsylvania and warren counties are all closed today. orange county and fredericksburg public schools on a two-hour delay. >>> anne arundel county public schools are doing a two-hour early dismissal this afternoon. that was apparently planned. ahead of the next storm, it's a smart move. tom kierein here with exactly what we should expect today. tom in. >> here we snow again. later today, a similar event like thursday morning. when we got that light snow. enough to cause problems. right now it's frigid had friday morning. we're down into the teens. prince george's county, article ton, fairfax, montgomery counties, down into mid and upper teens. right at reagan national near 20. in the upper teens near the bay. inland, southern maryland got the heavier snow yesterday. it's only around 10 degrees now. hour by hour throughout the day, we'll have thickening clouds through the morning. by 9:00, 10:00. it's going to be in the low 20s. low to mid 20s b
although there are some shortages, the maryland and virginia health department says there is still an adequate supply out. there 95% of this year's shots have been dulled out. so you may want to get a move on and you may also want to call ahead before you leave the house. >>> a student suspected of shooting a classmate inside a high school is in police custody tonight. this happen -- it happened this morning about two hours north of l.a. dozens of heavily armed police officers stormed the school after the shooting and quickly took the alleged gunman into custody. the teen is now in critical condition. a student trying to intervene was hit by a pellet, but refused treatment. >>> vice president joe biden will propose new proposals to the government by tuesday. he spent his day looking for some middle ground with gun owners and the nhr. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. >> reporter: this woman came to the virginia gun shop to buy her first firearm. >> there's got to be common ground here. but it has been difficult. the national rifle association said that their closed
to steal elections. first stop? virginia. david corn and charnelle herring tell us if the dirty move could work. the right still can't handle hillary. >> she obviously has an enduring media. >> so the king of the sunday shows bites the hand that feeds him. >> the president's vision for his second term to annihilate the republican party. >> richard wolffee on the republican party's new nerve. >>> democrats just missed a huge opportunity to change the o'country. larry cohen on harry reiding filibuster cave. >>> women get overdue recognition to serve in combat. the right wing is freaking out. former marine goldie taylor is here to put them in their place. >>> thanks for watching. it's time to wake up, america. got to pay attention to this one. the republican attempt to steal the next presidential election, it has hit full throttle. this is the latest poster boy for republican vote rigging. virginia state senator bill carricko. now, today carrico advanced his bill in the republican-led senate to change the way electoral votes are counted in the state. virginia democratic state senator john s.
and -- even in virginia, no reports of accidents. urge you to give yourself extra time. eun, over to you. >>> no major problems at the local airports at this point. reagan national airport, most flights are taking off and landing on time right now. things appear to be moving smoothly at dulles and bwi marshall. we urge you to check your flight status before heading to the airport if you're traveling today. >>> here in our area, the possibility of freezing rain could not come at a worse time. a lot of folks will likely see that move in during the rush hour. melissa mollet live in jermantown with a check on things there. >> kind of is bad timing. you can see that freezing rain really is coming down a bit more than it was earlier. looking at the light, it i will lum it's a it. >> on the pavement, this is the problem. it's very, very slick. this has only been giving us this freezing rain, a little bit of snow and sleet for the past, i don't know, 45 minutes in jermantown. you can see that little bit still causes a problem. let's walk across here if we can. the grass not an issue. the tiniest
of maryland, virginia and west virginia. the areas of color there, the left of your screen, that's where they're getting some rain. right now getting light to moderate rain across indiana into kentucky and then there's a few scattered lighter showers that are now moving out of eastern kentucky into southwestern west virginia and in central ohio. all of this is gradually arriving here by later today. getting a few sprinkles around roanoke. most of the metro area down to the mid 30s. milder air pushing into the mountains right now. charleston, west virginia, 57 degrees. montgomery county in the mid and upper 30s. it's down into the low 30s parts of fairfax county and into northern virginia. prince william into fauquier, stafford, spotsylvania, parts of loudoun county near the freezing mark. arlington in the upper 30s. our forecast here, hour by hour, just quite a bit of cloudiness around this morning and all cloudy this afternoon and some of that rain arriving here perhaps around 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon and some -- the rain continuing into earlier this evening. we'll look at your friday eve
center, now let's check on traffic with jamee. >> an early start to the rush hour. virginia on 95, 395. landmark, no delays up to the 14th street bridge. in maryland, there are some problems. water main break in the chevy chase area. , this is avenue ,ideo taken from overnight bradley and willard towards the friendship heights area. one right lane will get you by direction. they expect this to last through the rush hour. time.n extra back to you. >> thank you. 5:02. we want to get back to jummy desk.ji at alive -- the live desk. >> a fatal fire in baltimore. >> we can confirm that a second died as a result of this fire that happened around 11:30 last night. or call to this home that you in the 3000screen o terrace.ontebell the flames were so intense that thecrews had to back out of home until a second alarm was to get there and help out. one official got inside, they victim.e later on day either found a victim or one of the taken to thewas not sure yet about the second victim. all, seven people lived in a home, including a pregnant woman. five people were able to escape, three
. escuche esto, un comite del senado de virginia esta auspiciando una legislacion que prohibe a adultos fumar en sus autos cuando estan con niÑos... el comite de cortes de justicia voto 10-a 5 para hacer ilegal fumar en presencia de niÑos menores de 15-aÑos...los infractores podrian recibir una multa de trafico de hasta 100- dolares...una legislacion similar fue presentada en la asamblea general dos aÑos atras... vamos a nuestra primera pausa, pero al regresar la obesidad infantil sigue siendo un grave problema entre la comunidad latina..... ademas...en brasil, la polici Ía arrestÓ a uno de los dueÑos de la discoteca que se incendiÓ ayer en la ciudad de santa marÍa y en la que murieron mas de 200-jÓvenes y recuerde que puede mantenerse bien informado las 24 horas con noticias washington visitando nuestra pagina web tambien ubiquenos en facebook y twitter bajo noticias dc la obesidad infantil continua siendo un grave problema entre nuestra comunidad latina.. pero un condado en virginia busca reducir el numero de niÑos obesos y educar a padres de familia... la ob
george's county. many locations there. arlington, fairfax counties, much of northern virginia, 30s to the 40s now. a nice warmup occurred overnight and it will billed through the rest of the day. radar is showing a few sprinkles, these little patches of green, western fairfax county. parts of prince william, rappahannock, shenandoah valley. these are zipping off to the east. elsewhere, a partly cloudy sky now. hour by hour through the day today, between 7:00 and 8:00, hovering upper 30s, low 40s with the patchy fog in the rural areas. by 10:00, ought to be in the upper 40s. near 50 degrees much of the region. in fact, may be near 60 part of the shenandoah valley into central virginia during the afternoon. night quite as warm around the metro area in the afternoon. sunrise at 7:17. sunset at 5:26. a look at the rest of the day and a hometown forecast coming up in ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella now. >> good morning, we'll start with the rails. two minor dee lals on the marc train. brunswick east 890. a seven-minute delay. penn south train number 511. i mentioned a moment a
surfaces are treacherous. temperatures into the teens all across northern virginia, the district, most of maryland, including montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county. reagan national at 20 degrees. we've had the cloud cover increasing coming from the north and west. might have a little fuzzy sunshine. otherwise, a lot of cloudiness through noontime. by then the low 20s. some of of the light snow in the me row area. there will likely be slick spot for the afternoon commute. i'll show you how much snow i am expecting. that's coming up in ten minutes. right now a look at your first 4 traffic this friday morning with danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. oh, snow you didn't. you said here we snow again. i had to get in on it. little crazy. it's friday. 66. we're taking a look right now. hay market heading toward the beltway, no issues to report. here's a live look at 50. the roads are much better than yesterday. delays should be a lot easier. let's head over inside the beltway, 66 at glebe. east and westbound. nice and clear as you make your way eastbound towards gw p
and ran on a platform of gun control in virginia in the '90s and ended up getting absolutely destroyed and it occurred to me, you know, you mentioned clair mccaskill and doesn't have a good ratding from the nra as a woman but the election didn't hinge on gun control but much more to do with todd aiken and i'm wondering if you there might be a gender difference here. women are typically seen as not as strong or tough as men and judged to be more liberal on average than men. so, do you think there's an added problem for female candidates trying to overcome those caricatures embracing guns to look tough, to look conservative? >> there might be but, you know, it is a pretty good mix of men and women that are winning in red states while, you know, taking on pro gun control issues. in your examples, things have changed. in virginia in the '90s, democrats only won that state by carrying rural, you know, gun owning republicans and in a lot of way this is's no longer true. they have developed alternative paths to victory. in missouri, you know, mccaskill probably would have lost but she did win
. this is well to the south down in lynchburg, virginia. we have been there this winter system. >> we have storm watch coverage for you right now. bob is tracking what is coming next. we sent jay korff out to find snow. he is now live in virginia. >> we thought there was a possibility of getting a few inches here in the stafford fredericksburg area. it was not meant to be but that did not stop us from finding quite a bit of snow. >> it was going and going. >> this note streaming down -- the snow steaming down we had to drive 30 miles south of stafford virginia to find snow sticking to services. >> ya'll drove down just to see snow? >> he is concerned. conditions along the way are much more treacherous. >> we are going to take our time. and laydown, that is what we are going to do. >> many salt trucks could only sit and wait for their next assignment. >> 6 inches is what i heard. >> weather systems are not always predictable. early in the afternoon, a heavy storm was quickly washed away by rain. >> hopefully i will not see much snow on the truck anymore. >> the potential for an overnight re-free
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